Quincy Farm...What is it?



Quincy Farm is a 17.5-acre property in the heart of Cherry Hills Village, spanning both sides of the High Line Canal. The Farm is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the well-preserved buildings and pastures are a picturesque part of the region’s past.


Quincy Farm was generously gifted to the City of Cherry Hills Village by its previous owner, Catherine (“Cat”) H. Anderson, with the intention that it become an amenity for the whole community. She also placed the Farm under a Conservation Easement, administered by Colorado Open Lands.

What is next?

Cherry Hills Village and the Cherry Hills Land Preserve have entered into a partnership to bring Quincy Farm to life in a new, innovative way for the community.  


Look for exciting new education programs with new partners that make it a priority to give CHV residents access to this special gem in the heart of the city.

On Dec. 8th, City Council approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City and the Cherry Hills Land Preserve regarding Quincy Farm. This MOU represents a positive first step in this next phase of the Farm’s future.

Under the MOU, the future of Quincy Farm will be organically driven by the Cherry Hills Land Preserve (CHLP). Each year, a Quincy Farm team comprised of CHLP board members and staff and city staff will create an Annual Plan for the Farm. This document will be completed by July 31st and will plan for the following calendar year. It will contain four main parts:

  • a list of programs and activities proposed for the year

  • a budget for operating and capital funds, specifying the number of funds to be contributed by CHLP towards the Plan

  • any requests for funds from the City

  • a list of potential grants that could be pursued




CHLP will present the Plan to City Council for consideration and approval each summer, starting next year. In the meantime, the great programming CHLP provided at the Farm in 2021 will start up again in 2022. This is a significant milestone for the future of the Farm, and both City staff and CHLP are ready to form a team and get started!


"When kids come here, they make forts in the bushes, catch frogs in the canal like my kids did. Kids don’t get a chance to do this anymore. I would like children to come out here and learn about nature." 

Cat Anderson, 2010, on Quincy Farm